When Mommy and Daddy Have to Go to Work – Its Just Nanny and Me


Nanny and Me

•    Targeted Audience: PreSchool (Ages 2-5)
•    Genre: Fiction, Picture Book
•    Author: Florence Ann Romano
•    Illustrator: Sydni Kruger
•    Publisher: Mascott Books
•    Publication Date: May 5, 2015
•    Binding: Hard Cover
•    Dimensions: 8″ x 10″
•    Printing: Full Color
•    Length: 38 Pages
•    Retail: $14.95
•    ISBN: 978-1620867860

Note: This title will not be published until May 5, but you can pre-order it on the publisher’s website here!

Inspiration for This Book

Author Florence Ann Romano started caring for children before she was just twelve and continued through a portion of adulthood. Those experiences inspired her to write this book illustrating her favorite memories, while also preparing children and their parents for a nanny to come into their lives. The children in this book represent a combination of all the kids she cared for, and the little boy was specially created in the image of her younger brother, who has Autism.



© Copyright – Inside spread image courtesy of Mascot Books

Who Will Take Care of Me When Mommy and Daddy Go to Work?

Told from the point of view of a little girl with a baby brother, Nanny and Me was written to help young children adjust to having a new babysitter care for them when their parents go to work and to let them know that just because their parents have to leave them with a sitter, that doesn’t mean their parents don’t love them. The story takes the reader from the moment the parents leave for work in the morning to the moment they come home in the evening. What happens in between is the adventure the children have with their nanny throughout the day. . . First you’ve got to dressed, of course. But then it’s off to the zoo and the park before coming back home for a special lunch. In the afternoon it’s story time in a really cool fort, which takes you to far away places, then it’s nap time followed by a short math lesson, and then before you know it, Mommy and Daddy are back home!

“I’m pretty sleepy after Nanny finishes the story, so I know it’s time for a nap. I snuggle up with Nanny and we talk about where I want to go in my dreams. Sometimes I jump on marshmallow clouds or take a sailboat to the moon and count all the sparkling stars as we float by. We close our eyes really tight and off we go!”

Why You Should Buy This Book

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2013 that among married couples with children, both parents are employed in 59% of those families. So the reality is that millions of young children need to be cared for during the day while their parents are at work. Many children are sent to day care facilities, while others are cared for in their own homes.

It’s often difficult for very young children to understand that their parents must leave them all day to go to work and that a caregiver will come to take care of them. Nanny and Me not only explains why the parents must leave in language that is ideal for a very young audience, but it shows them how they will be cared for by a babysitter with lovely, colorful digital illustrations. This helps to take away some of the anxiety a child may have about a parent leaving the child for the first time. Parents have anxiety too about leaving their children, and this book reminds them everything is going to be fine! Nanny and Me is the perfect way to introduce your young kids to a new caregiver!

Any children who had Florence Ann Romano, a Modern Day Mary Poppins, as their nanny were very fortunate children indeed!


© Copyright – Inside spread image courtesy of Mascot Books

To download a full Press Kit for this title and read a Q & A with the author, click here.

About the Author


Born and raised just outside Chicago, Florence Ann Romano earned a degree in Performance Theatre at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. She is the owner of Trinity, LLC – a new family company that runs the Original Six Media production company; and the online publication, TheSixThirty.com. Romano started caring for kids before she was a teenager. Today she spends time working with nonprofit organizations. Inspired by her younger brother, whom is autistic, she is the founder and president of a junior board that supports awareness for children, adults and families touched by Autism. Florence currently lives in Chicago where she remains in close contact with each child she cared for.

About the Illustrator

EN-AR2XuSydni Kruger is an artist and illustrator, who at the age of fourteen, began an apprenticeship with a local painter. She learned traditional methods of large-scale oil painting and the dynamics of color, value, and shape. Later she enrolled in the painting program at Arizona State University. At first she specialized in portraiture and encaustic (wax based) painting, and now also working freelance as a children’s book illustrator and concept artist. Sydni Lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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