What’s So Yummy? Healthy Eating for the Youngest Readers


What’s So Yummy? All About Eating Well and Feeling Good

•    Targeted Audience: Lower Elementary (Ages 2-5)
•    Genre: Non-Fiction
•    Author: Robie H. Harris
•    Illustrator: Nadine Bernard Westcott
•    Publisher: Candlewick Press
•    Publication Date: September 23, 2014
•    Binding: Hardcover
•    Dimensions: 10″ x  11″
•    Printing: Full Color
•    Length: 60 Pages
•    Retail: $19.95
•    ISBN:978-0763636326

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© Copyright – Inside spread courtesy of Candlewick Press

Never Too Young to Learn About Diet, Nutrition and Fitness

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.01.57 PMWhat’s So Yummy?  is a book all parents can appreciate. It teaches kids about healthy eating and where fresh foods come from, without any lectures or boring facts. Rather, author Robie Harris teaches using a story of a family going on a picnic, with two parents, three children and a dog. The first stop is the city garden where the healthiest foods grow. As the family ventures out to the park for their outing, we learn about the wide variety of fruits and veggies available to us, how different people eat different foods and how important it is to drink plenty of water. The author weaves in information about how the right foods keep us healthy and encourages readers to try new foods. I was happy to read about food allergies and how unhealthy it is to eat too many sweets – including fruit drinks (a fact some parents may not know). And of course, readers discover just how important it is to exercise too.

© Copyright – Inside Image courtesy of Candlewick Press

Speech Bubbles and Wonderful Illustrations


© Copyright – Inside spread courtesy of Candlewick Press

In addition to the general text, there are speech bubbles that show what the children are saying about what they like to eat and how much energy they have when they make the right food choices. It’s a clever way to get readers to relate to the positive messages the children are sending. You’ll love the illustrations that cover every inch of every page and add so much to the purpose of this book; they are colorful, are fun to look at and perfect to keep the attention of the youngest readers.

Why You Should Buy This Book


 © Copyright – Inside spread courtesy of Candlewick Press

What’s more important than the health of our children? Bad eating habits are hard to break, and so are good habits. What we eat is vital to our livelihood and longevity, not to mention productivity. What’s So Yummy?  provides the youngest kids with the basics about healthy eating and exercising., without hitting them over the head with it. They’ll understand and appreciate how our healthiest foods grow, and best of all see the benefits of making the right food choices. If we start our kids out on the right track with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle from birth, they’ll be set for life.

This book should be read to all kids as soon as they are old enough to listen. Buy What’s So Yummy? today.

About the Author

robie_harrisRobie H. Harris was a school teacher before becoming a writer. She likes to write about the powerful feelings kids have, and her long list of non-fiction titles reflect that desire.  She said, “My challenge in writing It’s So Amazing! was to weave the fascinating and complicated science facts about reproduction and birth into the story of the egg and the sperm, and to communicate to children in an honest and simple way how amazing this story really is!” Robbie’s work requires a lot of interviewing experts, conducting research, writing, rewriting and editing. She lives in Boston.

About the Illustrator

be944f42fdf90ad8956e43.L._V192554467_SX200_Nadine Bernard Westcott is the illustrator of more than a hundred books, including the first three books in the Let’s Talk About YOU and ME series. She started her career designing greeting cards for Hallmark. Today she divides her time between illustrating books and designing her own line of fabrics.  She lives in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Further Learning

  1. Take your child to a local farmer’s market or even a farm that grows fruits or veggies or an organic dairy farm.
  2. Cook healthy dinners with your child; they are more likely to taste what they’ve made themselves.
  3. Visit PBS for healthy eating information for kids.
  4. Learn more about the President’s Council on Fitness.
  5. Enroll your child in a fitness or sports program.
  6. Get moving together as a family – walking, bike riding, sports.

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