Giveaway #10 of the 14 Colossal Holiday Children’s Book Giveaways: Fairy Tales

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Giveaway 10 Fairy Tales-Silvia Rodriguez from IL
Giveaway 11 Christmas Spirit-Robin Marshall from MD
Giveaway 12 Peace on Earth-Laura Zeigler from IN
Giveaway 13 True Meaning-Nikki Watkins from FL
Giveaway 14 Handicrafted Christmas-Christy Hawkes from UT

Giveaway #10 will appeal to the childlike imagination in all of us. It includes seven fairy tales (some classics retold) published by Minedition Publishing with new illustrations and one original counting book. The sturdy books are impressively bound and printed, and the illustrations are outstanding in every title.  These high quality books will make a magical addition to your home library and excellent gifts for the holidays.

Note: Some of these stories are very scary as classic fairy tales can be.

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Minedition Fairy Tales

•    Targeted Audience: Preschool, Lower & Upper Elementary (Ages4 and Up)
•    Genre: Fiction Picture Book
•    Publisher:Minedition (Distributed by IPG)
•    Publication Date: 2014
•    Binding: Hard Cover
•    Printing: Full Color

© Copyright – All images courtesy of Minedition

Book #1

9789888240807If You Wish

There’s a story inside every story, and a book inside every book. Every time you read you can find something new. But that only happens if you wish . . .This marvelous fantasy, illustrated by the internationally acclaimed Robert Ingpen, will have children re-reading their favorite stories and daring to travel inside the pictures as they discover that books are for more than just reading.


What You’ll Love About This Book

The Illustrations by award-Robert Ingpen are incredibly detailed and imaginative and so is the story. It takes you to enchanting places you never thought possible before. The message here is that there is great power in reading – not just for learning sake, but also just for the pure pleasure of it.

DSC_0028About the Author

Kate Westerlund has written numerous books for children, including The Message of the Birds. Robert Ingpen has written and illustrated more than 100 books, and in 1986 he was awarded the highest honor in the children’s book world, the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, for his long-term contribution to international children’s literature.

Book #2

Jenny & Lorenzo9789888240760

Jenny mouse may be tiny, but she sure is tough! Her mama’s tales of scary Lorenzo the Cat only make Jenny even more determined to track him down. But will Jenny end up as a tasty mouse snack? This plucky little mouse faces her fears with determination, and teaches a valuable lesson to young children about confidence and perseverance.


About the Author

i Steiner is a children’s book author. Eve Tharlet is the best selling illustrator of the Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox books, A Promise is a Promise, Sharing Christmas, and Will You Still Love Me, If . . . ?

What You’ll Love About This BookDSC_0005

The adorableness of the illustrations by Eve Tharlet will warm your heart. Her images of mice are quite possibly my favorite depictions of these lovable rodents I’ve ever seen. This tale of a cat and mouse reminds us all that we must face our fears and that learning to get along with others who are quite different from us can lead to wonderful friendships.

Book #3

9789888240814The Little Moon Raven

A young bird finds the strength to overcome bullying Little Raven was last to hatch in the nest and the last to learn to fly, but he was the first to be teased and ridiculed. His only wish was to fly and play with the others, so one day he took a dare and, to show his courage, Little Raven decides to fly to the moon. Beautifully produced and with artwork from an acclaimed illustrator, this picture book gently handles the issue of wanting to find acceptance.


About the Author

Marcus Pfister is an award-winning Swiss author and illustrator of children’s picture books. He is author of numerous books, including the Rainbow Fish series of children’s picture books, which have been translated into more than 80 languages and were turned into an animated television series.

DSC_0023What You’ll Love About This Book

The message of this story is wonderful. Every child has the desire to fit in among their peers and every child fears being bullied. This story is all about courage and strength and also teaches readers about kindness and apologizing when they do something wrong. The illustrations of the ravens are quite scary, and are drawn from an impressively domineering perspective, beautifully demonstrating the power of the bully.

Book #4

Little Red Riding Hood9789888240791

A fresh take on a timeless fairy tale, this stunning edition of the favorite fable about a little girl in red on her journey through the woods makes brilliant use of laser die-cut paper and silhouette-like illustrations to enliven every page. Sybille Schenker’s evocative and exquisite illustrations bring a unique beauty and graphic excellence to this beloved favorite.


What You’ll Love About This Book

You may have read 100 different Little Red Riding Hood books, but you’ve not seen one like this before. Artist Sybille Schenker die cut papers allow you to see through in places to pages behind. This effect creates great depth and interest to the illustrations and provides an original new look for one of the most celebrated classic fairy tales. This is a keepsake book to be treasured.

About the AuthorsDSC_0032

The Brothers Grimm are famous throughout the world for their tales and legends, which have been translated, retold, and illustrated by myriad authors and artists. Sybille Schenker is a freelance illustrator whose work includes Hansel and Gretel. She lives in New York City.

Book #5

9789888240852Number Circus

A counting book with a difference—it’s an invitation to play! What fun it can be to get to know numbers: lift the flaps, open die-cut doors, and peek in a mirror. There is a surprise everywhere in this unique counting adventure with bold, saturated colors from acclaimed illustrator Kveta Pacovská.


About the Author

Kveta Pacovská is the illustrator of several books, including Peter and the Wolf. She was award the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1992.

DSC_0012What You’ll Love About This Book

This hands-on book has vivid illustrations and invites little ones to do the work themselves, with the flaps to life and accordions to unfold. There are die cut see-through pages too. The entire concept of the book is imaginative and innovative, and it teaches while it totally entertains.

Book #6

The Pied Piper of Hamelin9789888240821

A beautiful edition of one of the most enduring and haunting tales by the Brothers Grimm The town of Hamelin is overrun by a plague of rats, and the mayor calls on the Pied Piper to lead them out, taking care of the problem. But when the townspeople refuse to pay him, the Pied Piper entices the local children to leave their homes and parents. Lisbeth Zwerger’s evocative and exquisite illustrations perfectly capture this renowned fairy tale.


What You’ll Love About This Book

This dark, old legend is masterfully illustrated. Although the story is not a happy one – like many other historic fairy tales – but it is well told. If you love the classics, this one is a beautiful version.

About the AuthorDSC_0003

The Brothers Grimm are famous throughout the world for their tales and legends, which have been translated, retold, and illustrated by myriad authors and artists. Lisbeth Zwerger is one of the most highly regarded illustrators of children’s books and was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1990 to recognize her lifetime contribution to children’s literature. She is the author and illustrator of numerous books, including The Little Mermaid and Tales from the Brothers Grimm. Anthea Bell is an award-winning translator who has translated numerous Cornelia Funke novels and many Hans Christian Andersen stories.

Book #7

9789888240784The Snow Queen

A stunningly illustrated retelling of an acclaimed fairy tale with a mix of naturalistic and surrealistic artwork, this translation captures the spirit of one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most famous works. Neighbors Kai and Gerda grow up as best friends. But when Kai is swept away by the evil Snow Queen, Gerda embarks on an adventure to save Kai.


What You’ll Love About This Book

This rather long and involved tale, masterfully told by Hans Christina Andersen, teaches us the difference between illusion and reality. The illustrations by Yana Sedova are outstanding, with many blues and greens. They combine dreamlike elements with impressive realism, just as the story does.

DSC_0036About the Author

Hans Christian Andersen is revered worldwide for his more than 160 fairy tales, including many cherished favorites such as The Little Mermaid, The Princess ad the Pea, and The Ugly Ducking. Yana Sedova is an award-winning children’s book illustrator. Anthea Bell is an award-winning translator who has translated numerous Cornelia Funke novels and many Hans Christian Andersen stories.

Book #8

The Wolf and the Seven Kids9789888240777

A striking new interpretation of a classic fable In this classic Brothers Grimm tale, seven young goats match wits with a vicious wolf. He tries to trick them while their mother is away. Will he succeed? Beautifully illustrated by Japanese artist Keiko Kaichi, this edition provides an enchanting perspective on the familiar story.


What You’ll Love About This Book

This very macabre tale, teaches us about using our sense of what is right and wrong to prevent ourselves from being outwitted and using teamwork and cooperation to get ourselves out of a bad situation. The beautiful dreamy-like illustrations by Athea Bell are so fitting to the story.

DSC_0017About the Authors

The Brothers Grimm are famous throughout the world for their tales and legends, which have been translated, retold, and illustrated by myriad authors and artists. Keiko Kaichi is an award-winning artist and illustrator.

© Copyright – All images courtesy of Minedition

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  1. My son isn’t into art projects, but I used to love them as a kid. A particularly memorable thing I did was spin art. Watching the paint mix and spread was magical!
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway. So many Anderson laureates, I really hope I win these books for my son!

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